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Brett Pinson
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Happy October everyone. I've been going through some things the last few months. Yes, Depression. It's an ugly word, but something i'm not afraid of to say. My depression i'm sure is always there, but most of the time I have it under control. I don't use meds and if I can I won't. There are many things that trigger it in me, and there are unknowns that cause it to rear its head. About a month ago I started walking everyday. In an effort to force my self to get up and get out, I go for these walks. It's been very helpful to put on my headphones, listen to some podcasts and walk. During theses times I talk to myself in my head. Some conversations are good, some are ok and some are what i've been fighting against these last few months. I'm attacking that inner part of me that puts me down, makes me feel like i'm not good at anything and that I should just quit. I don't want to quit. Many people go through depression, and I don't have the answers for them but I know for me I have to face it. I have to tell it that it doesn't control me and that I can do anything I put my mind to. For those that know me in the real world, all I need is for you to be my friend. Don't be different with me, be the same as we always have been. If we pick on each other, keep that going. If when we see we hug, definitely do that. Hugs are great. Today I'm working on some commissions I should have done, and they will be done in the next week. I'm also going to get back to work on books. I know i've said that before, but my goal is to have scabs 5 done by the end of the year for a release next year with the trade. Carl will be done too. Then some new things. I want to thank all those that have shown me support recently, you all have no idea how much it has meant to me to hear from everyone. Until next time, be well and take care. Brett
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